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Fic: Love, Want, Need (Freier Fall, Marc/Kay) 
27th-Nov-2015 10:39 pm
Title: Love, Want, Need
Author: [info]antiteb
Fandom/Characters: Freier Fall - Marc/Kay
Word Count: 299 words
Rating: PG?
Warnings: use of swear words: once.
Summary: Marc and his life after Kay left.
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine. Just a fan who loves the movie (watch it if you haven't!)
Author's Notes: prompt for the Fic or Die challenge. I agreed to write something and oops suddenly it's the weekend and I don't know what to write. Thankfully I found [info]aldiwitch's prompt. Probably not exactly what you wanted but I tried. :D.
All the love for [info]geekchick1013 for the super fast beta-job.

I still love you

Marc often thinks back to their time together. How he never told Kay what he really felt. He thought it was enough to show him when they were alone.
He thinks back to their time in Kay’s flat, when they stood together and looked over the city. Kay smoking a cigarette and Marc feeling free…even if it was just for a minute. Kay was by his side, Marc’s problems with Bettina were down there with the people on the streets, small and insignificant. Marc often thinks back to that time and wishes he had said something.

I still want you

Sometimes Marc goes clubbing. He dances to the hard and fast music. Then he sees someone with blue eyes and blond hair and takes him to the restroom. He closes his eyes, feels their touches all over his body. Their breath on his skin. He doesn’t touch back. He tried it once but it’s easier to imagine that there’s a different person if he doesn’t feel their skin with his hands. Too hot, too cold, too sweaty, too soft, too hairy. All he wants in that moment is to pretend.

I still need you

Marc goes jogging alone. Most of the time it’s fine. The next test is no problem. His coworkers are friendly enough. Everything is back to normal. Kind of.
But sometimes he goes running and nothing is fine. He can’t breath and everything hurts. Marc wishes he could turn around and Kay would be there, making a stupid joke, telling him he’s a pussy so Marc can laugh and keep running.
Kay isn’t with him. He’s somewhere else, maybe with someone else. And Marc is alone in the forest, trying to catch his breath with no one to help him.

After All.

28th-Nov-2015 12:08 pm (UTC)
(edited because I forgot to finish a sentence, doh!)

First of all, I love that you filled this prompt! <3

Secondly, I really like what you've done with it and how you've worked in the song fragments. Marc was such a trapped person initially and I love how you've revisited that (and juxtaposed it with the moment on the roof - I love how he feels all the problems just drop away) and then sketched this new place he's in, where he's broken free of those trappings (and I really like your mention of his coworkers don't really seem to treat him any differently now), but it's too late for the relationship that made him actually FEEL that freedom for the first time, and he still has to keep up a pretense (with the anonymous club shags), even if it's just to himself. It's so lovely and sad!

(Reading this also really made me crave that sequel. I hope it'll happen!!)

Wonderful job, in short! So glad you played! :D
29th-Nov-2015 06:02 am (UTC)
Loved this! Oh, my heart.

(I second Aldi, that sequel needs to happen)
2nd-Dec-2015 09:27 pm (UTC)
Oh yes this is wonderful. So quietly reflective with moments that show the deep regret and torment.
I love that image of Marc in the club not being willing to break his remembrance with touching, that is so well described and evocative.
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